9 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About SEO Digital Marketing

SEO is a fast-changing industry, so the pressure is on to keep your finger on the pulse at all times. Sometimes, even online news just isn’t quick enough. To help you keep up with the latest news, techniques and opinions about SEO, I have pulled together 9 of the top Twitter accounts that every SEO should be following.

1. Matt Cutts  @mattcutts

Leader of the webspam team at Google and one of the main figure in terms of SEO and Google trends. Matt shares the latest news and tips about Google updates.

2. Rand Fishkin  @randfish

Co-founder of Moz and co-author of a pair of books on SEO. Rand offers a daily feed about the latest SEO news.

3. Danny Sullivan  @dannysullivan

Founder of SearchEngineLand and covers every day on Twitter news about Google, Facebook, Twitter, SEO, SEM and other topics about digital marketing.

4. Neil Patel   @neilpatel

An entrepreneur and blogger, Neil curates content about SEO as well as Social Media and content marketing.

5. OmarKattan  @OmarKattan

Managing director who writes about web marketing and SEO. Omar shares useful tips about SEO and web marketing news.

6. Brian Dean  @Backlinko

Reputed SEO expert and linked builder operating since 2010. Brian specializes in providing marketing professionals and entrepreneurs with practical strategies they can use to get more search engine traffic.

7. Dan Shure  @dan_shure

Owner of evolvingseo and shares relevant information about the latest SEO news daily.

8. Eric Enge  @stonetemple

An expert, speaker and consultant specialized in SEO. Eric is on the edge of every update and crucial news about SEO.

9. Micheal Gray  @graywolf

Micheal offers advice about SEO on Twitter and his blog and always adds up a touch of humor in his sharings.

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