SEOroom’s Funniest (SEO Jokes)

Who says SEO is not fun? Well, everybody, including SEO nerds, deserves a good laugh so here are just some of the SEO jokes that I came across with.

#1 – How many SEO experts does it take to change a light bulb, lightbulb, light, bulb, light bulbs, lights, bulbs, lighting, lamp, electric light, fluorescent light, switch…?

#2 – Why did the SEO expert cross the road? Answer: To get hit with traffic.

#3 – What do you call an SEO expert who praises Google? Answer: “Kneel” Patel.

#4 – Which type of music do SEO experts like? Answer: ALT-ernative.

#5 – What do SEO pre-schoolers have at break time? Answer: Cookies and link juice boxes.

#6 – Why do SEOs love the farmer’s market? Answer: Lots of organic content.

#7 – An SEO couple had twins. For the first time they are happy with duplicate content.

#8 – You know you are an SEO when: Your first answer to any general question directed at you is “Google it”. You repeat words every few seconds in the conversation.

9 – Why SEOs are always excited to take the elevator down a building? Answer: Because they like to see (9…8…7..6..5.4.3..2..1)

and last but definitely not the least…

#10 – Introducing Google’s New Update! (now, this is a JOKE that’s not funny at all!)

Hope you guys enjoyed reading! 🙂 If you know any SEO jokes, feel free to comment down.

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