Graphic Design

Marj Medina Online Solutions offer a broad range of professional graphic design solutions not just for small businesses but also includes large corporations and public companies.

Services range from designing logos, business cards, graphics for landing pages, blogs as well as social media posts. Marj Medina Online Solutions is dedicated in crafting graphic solutions that fits your needs and budget.

We offer creative digital marketing solutions and innovative visual communication methods in the pursuit of achieving your brand’s success. Furthermore, your brand’s core values and initial vision is what we keep in mind and at the very center of production.

Nonetheless, we go above and beyond with our creative services. We utilize and take advantage of the available online tools to optimize your brand’s engagement with the target audience, and maximizing online activity and overall digital presence.

Visual Design

Consider the principles of graphic design and the aesthetic appeal of your brand. Moreover, we aim to draw and improve user experience, brand awareness, and brand retention.

Brand Identity Design

Strive to communicate with your target audience. Hence, the use of creative cues including brand name, logo, slogan, styles, and other visual elements.


Stand out from the competitive business world. Express emotions and convey vivid messages to your target audience through the use of creative illustrations, for instance.

Video Production

Provide both informational and entertaining audio-visual content through the use of video, effectively sharing a message and capturing your audience.

Motion Graphics and Animation

Create eye-catching animations that immediately draw and keep attention. That is applying the major components of graphic design in combination with video production.

Web Design and Development

Lastly, the creation of easy-to-navigate, visually pleasing, and functioning online website. This is to suit your brand’s overall characteristics and meets the needed purpose.


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Business Cards

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Brand Boards
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Social Media Posts
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Wedding Invitations

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