Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance services by Marj Medina Online Solutions gets a job delivered with quality and output that brings profit to the company as well as retentive customer satisfaction. Hence, our goal is to help you in all heartfelt sensitivity to your business.

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Virtual Assistance services include the following:

1. Research on certain topics for blog and social media posts
2. Data Entry
3. Email Management
4. Social Media Management
5. Follow up with clients/customers
6. File Management
7. Project Management & Training Tasks
8. Calendar Management
9. Personal errands (purchasing gifts for loved ones/family members online)
10. Forms Creation

Google Drive
MS Office

Why Hire Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

The new technology combined with a young, educated, and ambitious workforce has made the Philippines a popular location for virtual assistants.

Here, English is widely spoken, and I think you’ll find the culture is slightly more “Western” than that of India. Also,, many workers are used to working with Americans from past careers in customer support call centers or other BPO operations.

Moreover, students here grow up learning English in school, even though they may not use it in their home.

For these assistants, tt’s the chance to work from home, have some flexibility in terms of their hours, and probably earn more money. Therefore, the opportunity to work with you could mean a life of greater freedom. 

Virtual or remote work is seen as a prestigious, sought-after, and maybe even envious career path.

Furthermore, workers are loyal and polite. One of the best-known qualities of Filipinos is their respect and hospitability. Their core values include respect for authority and preference for compromise instead of confrontation. At the heart of every professional relationship with a Filipino VA is courtesy and caring. Hence, you can expect a good working relationship with Filipinos.

And because of the time zone differences, you can essentially have a virtual assistant or assistants working while you sleep. So, depending on your business, that could be a huge plus.

Please feel free to contact us! It’s our pleasure to serve you!