Why You Need An SEO Specialist: Expectations vs. Reality

Search engine optimization is one of the primary elements of any marketing strategy. Almost every business owner has heard of SEO and has a similar idea about SEO. Most of them think that SEO is about keywords and getting a website on top of Google search results – they are right. However, this is just a basic understanding of what SEO is. And along with this basic understanding comes many misconceptions about SEO. In this article, I have listed down a few of the most common expectations clients have when engaging in an SEO campaign and the realities behind them.

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1. SEO results happen overnight

This is a very common thought that once content has been optimized, search engines will recognize it and immediately place that website on rank #1 the following day. Business owners need to be very cautious if any SEO company approaches them with such promises.

Reality: SEO results take time. There are many factors that go into optimization. It requires a lot of observation and data collection. The level of competition in different industries can make it difficult to catch up in the higher rankings. Proper SEO campaigns usually take about 4 to 12 months to implement the changes and to start seeing positive results.  Even so, there isn’t a definitive answer and it’s important to know that it takes time to see results.

2. High traffic means more sales

Traffic is required to get sales, however, it isn’t about the number of people visiting your site, rather the quality of the lead. High traffic doesn’t always provide e you with the expected sales results.

Reality: Increasing web traffic does not always guarantee conversions. Ultimately, it is your content that makes your visitors convert into customers. The goal is to catch the visitors’ attention and attract them to stick around to find out more about your brand. Cleaning up your web design and developing new content is a good way to start. This will enable your visitors to navigate your site with ease.

3. Internal links are not important

For many clients, internal linking is a waste of time. Some of them would ask, “Why bother with internal linking when the whole point of an Authority building campaign is to get external backlinks?”

Reality: Internal linking helps visitors navigate throughout your website. They connect your content and give Google an idea of the structure of your website thus, enabling Google search engine crawlers better understand your content. Google does this by looking at the anchoring text you use in an internal link.

4. Once a website is optimized, Google will handle the rest

It would be nice if Google could autopilot the rest of the work once all SEO efforts are done, but then, it’s not a one-and-done effort

Reality: SEO is consistently changing. Technology is ever-changing, and so are search engines. Each time changes are made to the way search engines function, rankings and SEO can literally change overnight. It is vital to keep your content relevant and monitor your website’s keywords and traffic.

5. Your website needs to be crammed with keywords

Many think that keyword stuffing (or plugging in a keyword for the sake of having it) is the way to go when you want your website rank.

Reality: This method is outdated and may lead to worse rankings in Google today. Search engines have improved their ability to recognize natural language through algorithm updates and machine learning. So they know when you’re stuffing, and eventually, you will be caught. It’s always good to keep keyword density to around 1-3%.

There you have it. Drop me a line of you want to know more about the SEO process and what we can do for you.

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